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Climate Edge is an innovation studio specializing in sustainable technologies that has been working globally to build the future of clean energy on the planet and actively working in partnership with companies, investors and governments in the development and implementation of innovation and investment strategies in technologies focused on energy transition.

The Climate Edge team has extensive experience in leading R&D projects, commercial agreements, strategic investments and generating capital flows for new ecosystems. Climate Edge signs the creation of the largest innovation hub in renewable energy in the world operating today.

Free Electros was co-founded by Climate Edge CEO Hendrik Tiesinga and works by connecting startups and leading energy utilities around the world to deliver cutting-edge solutions and co-create the future of energy. Your team works together to pilot projects, deploy products commercially, facilitate investment, learning and development opportunities.

Currently in its 7th edition of the acceleration program, organizations and startups have collaborated in more than 150 pilots, resulting in US$23 million invested, US$32 million in implementations and US$32 million in direct investment – ​​generating a total of business up to now worth more than US$87 million.

The creation of the New Energy Exchange, which consists of a knowhow and knowledge exchange program, entrepreneurial education, incubation and acceleration of startups that aim to create their internal open innovation programs, was also co-founded by Hendrik Tiesinga.

This non-profit institution aims to encourage the generation of new businesses with disruptive startups focused on the energy industry and works in partnership with foundations and the largest investment funds in the world.

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